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Inspired by classic decks from the golden age of playing cards: Imported Playing Cards is a fully custom deck of poker-size playing cards drawn by hand in a warm, vintage style and features standard re-drawn Courts, pips and Aces in a velvety soft tuckbox drawn in the style of an antique tax wrapper. The Ace of Spades features the import seal of Mercury set against a cluster of new world tobacco leaves while each other Ace has been stamped to show the imported status of the deck. This deck is 52 standard cards plus two custom Jokers and an extra card: perfect for card games, magic, cardistry and collecting. Printed and finished to the highest standards by Legends P.C.C. on their industry-leading Viper Finish stock for supreme handling and durability, this one is for collectors and workers alike.

CUSTOMS FEES - Please check customs fees in your own region if purchasing as an international customer. We are not able to advise on and cannot offer to cover these fees. 


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